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Your trading experience should be nothing less than perfect. We never charge before you get the chance to get accustomed with the trading conditions we provide, and as a bonus we throw in your very own account manager, to guide your every step, along the way. Your final trading decision will be made only after you get all the facts, with full access to real-time information, market movements and every other variable that might influence the outcome. Trade seamlessly with XTE!


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What do you get? Instant access to +250 instruments comprised of market HIT indices, Forex and every commodity you could possibly think of. Execution speed? Limitless, plus 0 commission on your order executions!

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Looking for access to educational resources that will seriously boost your trading skills? Sky’s the limit when you get your hands on the right tools…

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With Blockchain technology we distance ourselves from the FIAT world all together, you can trade on instruments such as commodities and Forex through CFDs but at the same time see your initial investment rise from holding your assets in a long term Blockchain asset.


Your deposit is safely tracked by blockchain technology when making a deposit in order to maximize your security

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They always answer calls, emails, questions of any kind. When you’re starting out, you need all the support you can get, so it’s nice to feel like someone has your back..

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss